Baby Nurse

Caregivers Specializing in Working with Newborns

The term Baby Nurse is used to describe a caregiver that specializes in working with newborns. However, newborn care specialists are also called baby nurses in some states.

Extensive Training in Caring for Newborns

A baby nurse is an experienced nanny with very extensive training in newborn care skills; has knowledge of how and when to put the babies on a schedule - usually by 6 to 8 weeks babies start sleeping better and your Baby Nurse will know when to start baby(ies) on a bedtime routine so he/she can sleep 10-12 hours a night.

Your Baby Nurse will organize the nursery; she is familiar with an apnea monitor, feeding systems and other medical equipment. She can discern problems in like jaundice and reflux and bring them to your attention. If the baby has problems with colic and has fussy periods, she knows the techniques for reducing baby discomfort and getting her/him calm; she supports breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

Baby Nurse Duties

She will get up for nighttime feedings while the new mother gets her much needed rest. If the baby is breast feeding, the nurse will get up with the new mother, help position the baby and carry him back and forth.

A Baby Nurse will do the baby's laundry every day and help with light housekeeping and snacks. She will teach you to change diapers, bathe and feed the baby, or she will do it all for you. She will hold the baby throughout the day, providing security and affection when you need a break.

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An baby nurse will assist with breast feeding, sleep for newborns, milestone and normal development, and mother baby bonding.

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