Companion / Sitter

Compassionate Companions and Sitters

Sometimes being admitted to a hospital eaves the client vulnerable and nervous. Maybe there are no family or friends around to look out for their best interests. Sometimes they can’t care for themselves, and, left unattended, can be a safety risk to themselves or others. At these times, they need compassionate, one-on-one observation to remain calm, safe, and secure, and ensure they receive the highest standard of care possible.

What a Companion / Sitter Does

They are dedicated and focused on 100% visual and audible observation of patients to ensure each patient is safe and cared for, and to help meet all compliance expectations. Or maybe your loved one is not in need of hands on care, but could use an extra set of eyes, or friendship throughout the day, someone to run errands with, play cards with, tag along to the doctor’s appointment to be an extra set of ears….then a companion is what satisfies that need.